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    Christian Borgbo


    I recently started using TrainingPeaks for planning and analyzing my training. I am a big fan of the platform – especially the Performance Management Chart and the data it provides. I do, however, have a practical question regarding sport climbing and incorporating that in a meaningful way into TrainingPeaks.

    I do most of my climbing in a gym. As of now I just manually enter time on the wall in the TP calendar and note the amount of pitches climbed (+ grading). However, this approach does not credit the workout any TSS thus making it hard to track overall progress in the PMC.

    How do you guys do it? Is there a practical way to go about it or is it just impossible to track sport climbing as a workout like, say, running?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Frantik on #7544

    According to Scott from this post:

    CTL/TrainingPeaks and TFNA

    We consider climbing sessions as ‘strength’ training. Since they fit closest to this category. As mentioned above the TP metrics do not really work well for strength training sessions especially when using hrTSS because heart rate is poor proxy for effort.

    What I do is make standard TSS’s for strength and climbing. For General strength I do 50TSS/hour. For Max strength I do 75-80TSS/hour. For climbing I do 50TSS/hr for ARC training (below on sight level). 80TSS/hr for climbing at near max level. Count only time on the rock.

    Christian Borgbo on #7545

    Thank you @Frantik.

    That was exactly what I was looking for. Searched the forums for it but apparently not enough.

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