Specific Strength Frequency for Running

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    I figure I’m probably just misreading something here, but I’m a bit confused by the instructions for strength in the base period as laid out in the tftUA book. Base period advises 2x general or specific strength sessions per week. I’ve passed all the strength assessments and should be focusing on specific strength now. The recommended specific strength program in the book seems to be almost wholly ME focused (great, I could do with working on this for running!). My confusion is that per the base period strength recommendation I should be doing specific strength work 2x/wk, but according to the specific strength/ME section, this type of workout should only be 1x/wk at most. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious, but if someone can add a bit of clarity it’d be much appreciated!

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    Reed on #51192

    Muscular endurance workouts are hard. It’s hard to recover from them as quickly as, say, a core strength or general strength workout. And, similar to other high-intensity work, are good to tackle in a time-bound block. Putting that together, once you have the capacity to add some muscular endurance work, you might target a 6-10 week block and space the workouts out to once every 5-10 days depending on how long it takes to recover.

    Garret on #51313

    Hi Joe

    In UA’s Big Vert Plan there’s two strength sesssions per week in the base.
    One ME and one hill sprints (for specific strength). They are seperated by a number of days with zone 0 and zone 1 (recovery) runs.

    I can vouch for Reed’s comment on the amount of recovery needed. Although, as I understand it, this depends on whether one is slow or fast twitch dominant.

    – Garret.

    Joe on #51428

    Cheers, thanks to you both!

    I’ve got an 8wk block here where I’ll be keeping the gym-based ME to 1x/wk and then will play it by ear on adding in hill sprints or similar. My main (running) events are still a good ways out, so I don’t need to focus too intensely on the specific at this point (still doing some touring for the vertical now).

    Just did the first gym-based ME today and can tell I’ll need the recovery runs in the next day or two.

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