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    Brandon Phillips

    Hey everyone, I’m wondering about foods that people are eating during long runs? This is my first venture into ultrarunning- I’m doing Luke’s 50k plan for a R2R Grand Canyon run this fall. However, I come from a long background of 15+ years climbing, biking, backpacking. I feel pretty good about my nutrition strategies for something like a 20 pitch alpine climb, but have never done a long run before. I am also very well versed in bars, gels, and drink mixes.

    So, What solid foods have worked for ya’ll during longer running events/ unsupported races?

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    Shashi on #53206

    Others will probably chime in with their experience. You might find this discussion helpful –

    MUT Nutrition

    Rachel on #53209

    Lemonade at phantom ranch, salted baby potatoes, applesauce pouches, peanut butter on rice cakes, nuts, cheese.

    rita on #53213

    Potato hashbrown, waffles/pancakes, avocado sushi, pb&j on toast, baby food fruit purees, fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon, berries)

    TerryLui on #53536

    I am by no means an ultra runner but I distinctly recall watching Gary Robbins in the Barkley Marathons eating a full on burger (ketchup & mustard?? forget…)

    I thought it was hilarious, here’s the video, entertaining throughout (IMO)

    Brandon Phillips on #53817

    Thanks for the suggestions- this is the kind of thing I was looking for.

    I have never actually watched that Gary Robbins video, even though it’s on the front page every time I get on Youtube.

    TerryLui on #53933

    Burger action @ 49:45

    I have never actually watched that Gary Robbins video, even though it’s on the front page every time I get on Youtube.

    blueSkye on #54464

    Gary Robbins video has helped a lot in my journey.

    LindsayTroy on #54534

    Scott Jureck’s book, Eat and Run has some interesting suggestions, my favorite being Onigiri which is basically rice wrapped around something else. I really like rice wrapped around red bean paste or just plain rice with miso.

    brianbauer on #60531

    if I am racing less than 6-7 hours, I only take in drink mix and gels. if racing longer than that, I will eat some real food( and starting before the 6hr mark). so think about time duration not distance.

    Edgar Carby on #60538

    There is a cookbook called the Feedzone by Allen Lim that is fantastic, but he has recipes for handhelds that really fit the bill here. Mostly rice based, either sweet or salty or both.

    I’ve done lots of century bike rides where I’ve used the Feedzone handhelds with great results. Obviously much easier to eat on the bike than on the hoof.

    I’ve only down a few ultras (all under 6-hour efforts), and I only did gels and drink mix (with/without with calories).

    I love the Science in Sport gels and can easily get down two-three an hour. They are about 80 cals per packet. They are much less viscous than Clif, GU or Honey Stinger and you don’t need water (or much anyway).

    brianbauer on #60578

    the consistency of GU gels makes me want to puke even when I am not racing. I also don’t like flavors. my gel choice is Maurten. less viscous, tastes like nothing, you don’t need to take with water. I will say that the Maurten 100 with caffeine has kind of nasty taste, but without caffeine has no taste. I also like Maurten drink mix, but recently have been favoring Beta Fuel.

    Jane Mackay on #60588

    If I’m going slowly enough, I find potatoes + prosciutto to be like long-lasting rocket fuel. If I’m going faster/harder and can’t handle food that solid, I find my body tolerates white gluten-free bikkies (cookies) really well. By white I mean shortbread style. One I love and that keeps me going for a long time is quite substantial and has a dollop of apricot or chocolate filling. The fact of them being GF seems to make them easier to digest. I don’t like or tolerate gels well at all, so the bikkies are my main sugar along with dried cranberries. I also just discovered Trail Butter, which is mad delicious — basically dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, maple syrup etc. all blended together. Haven’t tried it out on the run yet.

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