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    Hi! Has anyone actually tried skimo on NordicTrack incline treadmill? Doable or the belt is too small? 😀

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    brianbauer on #61854

    never tried skis on a nordic track, but the thought has occurred to me. my indoor setup is in this pic. my treadmill only goes to 12% incline, but the variable resistance pulleys do a decent job. I also have 5lb leg weights that I use occasionally. leg weights are controversial, but in my opinion they have a purpose.

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    Anonymous on #63501

    is it good for beginners?

    Jan on #75383

    I have actually tried skinning on a Woodway 4 Front. It’s doable but you can’t really get a good forward glide on the skins. I have not tried it without skins, because I was to afraid of damaging the belt with the edges. I have even used wider skins than those fitting the skis. Besides the skins get a black from wearing off the belt so I stopped doing it. But the main reason is still the lack of forward glide. The width and length are fine once you get used to planting the poles (with walking rubber covers attached) close to the boots so you don’t hit the treadmill off to the side of the belt.

    AlwaysHigher on #77526

    Definately not for beginners

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