Skimo as aerobic training, but HR too high

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    Hi, I’m starting in these days my ME phase in base period.
    Usually, in these period, it also begins the skimo season and my activity normally consists of 1 day out every 2 weeks, with 2-3 hours spent skiing uphill, during which my HR is in zone 2/3.
    If I replace my long Z1 exercise (that should be 1,5 hrs long) with these skimo trips, can I badly affect my training?
    Is it better to give up with skis in this period?

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    Anonymous on #33174

    I think training on your skis is the best thing for you if you are a skimo racer and have easy access to snow. One long hard Z2-3 workout every 2 weeks is not a bad thing. I would be sure there is enough Z1-2 training in these weeks as well as some Z4 workouts since you are close to racing season. If you have are racing regularly (like every weekend) then drop the Z4. If you are also just beginning your ME training and also trying to race at the same time you must expect that your race performance will not be the best.

    Good luck.

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    Skimo as aerobic training, but HR too high

    We seem to get this kind of comment a lot. “I’d like to do X, but my heart rate is too high.” Not so. That just means that the pace is too high. It’s always possible to go slower. Worst case, you can rest step until your aerobic system improves.

    In my 2018 training season, I committed to doing whatever it took to put in hundreds of hours at ~1.5 mM of lactate. As a fast-twitch athlete, that meant I was moving at a snail’s pace. People with no fitness whatsoever would easily elect to move faster than I was and do so without much effort. (The only people moving a similar pace were the ones with “CANADA” emblazoned on their gear. Hint, hint…)

    Gradually that pace got faster, but I had to put in the time.

    In short, it’s always possible to go slower.

    godhouse on #33354

    Thanks for suggestions guys

    Anonymous on #33458

    YES. What Semple Said

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