Shin Tenderness – Stop Completely or Reduce Load?

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    I have recently begun to transition to my base period training and upped my training load. I increased my running from 10-15 miles to about 25-30 miles a week in zones 1&2 and have started to feel tenderness on the anterior side of my tibia. I have never been a runner but think that this is the start of shin splints as it has persisted for the last 2 runs. I understand this is likely from upping my training load too quickly. Is it best to stop completely and let it heal, even though I can still run? Or should I try and reduce my load to what it was in the transition period?

    I would like to avoid worsening my injury but also not derail my training schedule. Thanks!

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #38617

    I might recommend switching the method you use for your aerobic training, to something not involving the gait cycle for a short period of time. Bike, stair climber etc. will lessen the load on the posterior tibialis and associated structures that are involved in decelerating your foot impact during running. Footwear can also be a factor with the compressive materials no longer absorbing impact, or a mismatch in shoe to foot structure.

    owenriverk on #38675

    Thanks for the reply Pete! I took a full day of rest and followed it up with a bike ride rather than a run and it did not hurt at all! I will look into upgrading my footwear if this issue persists! Thanks so much for all of your insight!

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