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    I’m not sure I’ll be able to do too much training as I am having some pain in my feet. So I am thinking I may do a slow and easy section hike of the PCT for less intensity and to still adventure. I have been taking a break the past month to try and recover and am not sure how I should plan my training and goals for the season. I’d assume I would be hiking at recovery zone most of the time so would it be okay to increase my time in the recovery zone relative to the recommended zones 1/2 for the transition period? I feel like that wouldn’t be enough to improve my aerobic fitness for the base phase so could I treat this as a long recovery period? With this pain in my feet I may not be able to start a full training cycle soon anyway.

    I’m thinking to just introduce recovery and zone 1 sessions to what I can do without pain and let my feet recover and then go from there, either a transition phase and a new cycle or more rest if there’s still pain. I am having problems with bunions and pain in the ball of my feet. This is what the doctor recommended.

    I tried to look in the book and for a thread on something like an extended recovery period or injury rehabilitation period but can’t really find anything.

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    Shashi on #55480

    Sorry to hear about your pain.

    Have you checked the Injury and Rehab section of the forum.

    Also, check for topics with the Recovery tag under the forum index.

    Focus on taking rest and recovery. Start with short jogs/runs to see if you still have pain. Once you have fully recovered, you can think about training.

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