Running or Nordic Walking @Z1/Z2

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    what do you think is giving me best fitness when doing my long hilly runs at Z1 to Z2.
    Running (uphill parts walking if>Z2) or Nordic Walking (running when flat otherwise Nordic Walking) Commonly hilly run is 18km with 650 gain up and down at 2h 45min.

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    Anonymous on #36177

    I’m sure exactly what Nordic Walking is but I’m going to guess that it means you are using poles and perhaps taking a bit longer strides than when hiking. In XC ski training this is often used for training and is called Ski striding.

    If you are training for a running event then you should run as much as you can while staying in the appropriate HR zone. Nordic walking up the steeper grades where running is too hard is a fine thing to do but if you can run on the flats I suggest doing that.

    I hope this helps

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    Dear Scott,

    many thanks for the swift reply. Yep it’s fast walking plus using poles very actively and bigger strides, doing so uphill and running flat (without poles) . This is a sportive training I know from XC Athletes not the comfortable paseo style! Aim:Hut to Hut ski mountaining.

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    Ski striding is what we call Nordic Walking ?

    pult on #36199

    Ski striding is exactly what we call Nordic Walking here in Germany

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