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    Hello- I’m due with my first kiddo at the end of January. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with pregnancy and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on making reasonable goals for returning to training postpartum. Planning to take the first few months slow to let my body recover, but would it be reasonable to plan a moderate weekend overnight- (for me that’d look like Mt. Daniel or similar) about 6-7 months out? I know theres a lot of variables in the process, but setting up some goals would help keep me motivated through the end of this and beyond.

    Would love to hear others experiences with recovery and when you were able to start tackling some bigger objectives again.


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    Hello and good morning, goals are a great thing. Due to the nature of the “variables” that you mentioned I’d caution you to not set big goals yet. In an ideal world everything goes smoothly. However many women jump back into activity too soon after child birth and have complications down the road. The best piece of advice I can give you from having coached and trained many women pre and postpartum is the more focused work you do now, with in the limitations of pregnancy, such as monitoring HR, not adding in new or significant training loads, modifying core work and eliminating squatting as the child grows etc and potentially working with a PT that specializes in postpartum pelvic floor rehab if you need it will set you up for success! There are a lot of changes hormonally that are at work, and your body will need to settle in and adapt to a new you after child birth so stay focused on quality work now and that will help you spring board back to healthy fitness once you have that sweet baby in your arms. I usually caution women to take a full year before settle a “bigger” goal. Though every woman is different. I hope this helps!

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    Thanks! And yeah I am definitely planning on seeing a PT postpartum to check up and make sure everything looks good. I think a year sounds reasonable for big stuff and was kind of what I had in the back of my head anyways. Just excited to get back into the mountains.

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