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    Hi All,

    I’m like 2 weeks into the base period of the 20 week Ultra plan and had to stop training due to an unexpected G.I. issue which decided to show itself over the weekend, so I’ve missed out on the past 5-6 days of training. My question is, how do I go about restarting the training cycle given the lost week of training?


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    The answer to this depends on how easy or hard those first 2 weeks felt for you. If super easy then I’d drop back and start over at the beginning of week 2. If they were feeling at all like a stretch then start back at week 1 again.

    You definitely do not want to dive into week 3 like nothing happened.


    deadpoint on #15140

    Hi Scott,

    The first 2 weeks were super easy so I’ll start week 2 over again. I wanted to ensure I had adequately built my base so this is actually my second time cycling through the based period.

    This leads to my followup question. At the end of the 20 week training cycle is the event I’m training for, the Zion 50K. Since I’ll be repeating a week, and the event is obviously not going to reschedule itself on account of my missed week, should I “finesse” those workouts by increasing the mileage to get back “on track” with the schedule? It may have been shortsighted of me to not leave a buffer for illness/injury, but I certainly wasn’t expecting something like this to hit me right at the beginning of the most important period of the cycle.

    thanks again!

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