Relieving or Reducing Joint Inflammation

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    keith brown

    On my recent trek I was dealing with some severe knee pain, primarily descending (at times requiring some awkward movements) and some uphill when stepping height around and above knee-height (lower steps not a problem). I’ve had a few surgeries, have some reduced cartilage and arthritis. Docs have told me I’ll likely need a knee replacement down the road.

    Until then, are there exercises i could focus on to strengthen this area and mitigate some of the pain?

    I’ve had no problems with squats, dead-lifts or Bulgarian split squats. Some pain coming down stairs, with relatively higher box-steps, and heal touches.

    Appreciate the recommendations – know you are not PTs, but likely have had experience with this.


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    Mariner_9 on #69340

    I have RA and have had good results using topical CBD cream to reduce inflammation and pain in my knees. I only use this for 1-2 days following a hike; these typically involve a lot of elevation gain and loss in rocky terrain.

    Not sure about specific exercises beyond relaying what a nurse at the arthritis clinic told me last autumn, which was to strengthen my quadriceps. I suspect you’re already doing that, however!

    keith brown on #69352

    Thanks Mariner9.

    lapotka on #69422

    you might try some leg extensions in the gym with a pigeon toe (toes pointed towards each-other) to emphasize the outer part of the quad (vastus lateralis) if you have outside knee pain or try a duck foot to emphasize the inner quad (vastus medialus). I think steep hiking forces you to do some pronation and articulations the lower leg that puts different stress on the knee and can work the Quads in odd ways, some version of french technique in crampons is how i think about it.

    keith brown on #69473

    Thanks @Lapotka

    Arturo Bernal on #70354

    I use compression ice packs after every training and it has helped me tremendously stay almost pain free.

    Robert Moore on #70359

    Hi Keith,
    I am new to the Group having just signed up for the next block. I have a slight bit of arthritis in my left hip and was told this by doctors around 4 years ago. Since then I had zero problems….mobility and stretching was the key I think. Ankles, knees and hips have been a focus to improve my strength through range of motion…

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