Rehab Metatarsal Surgery

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    I’m 64 years old with 25 plus years of cross country ski racing and backcountry skiing and general outdoor activities. I live in the Park City Ut area. Have been using uphill for a year. It has filled in some of the blanks I’ve had in 25 plus years of training. My question is mainly for Pete Dickinson. But if anybody else has had this surgery I’d love to hear about it.
    I had weil osteotomy surgery on 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals on both feet Jun 5th to hopefully fix metatarsalgia inflammation and pain in the ball of foot. Weil osteotomy they cut off the metatarsal joint behind where the toes connect at an angle and move the joint back and screw it together. This is done when the metatarsal joints are to far forward and there is more pressure on them and create pain and inflammation.
    It’s been 10 weeks since the surgery and doctor cleared me today to start normal activities. I’ve been on restricted activity uptill now.This is the longest period of no training in addition to limited activity I’ve had since i started ski racing.
    My question for Pete is do you have any recommendations on rehabbing my feet. I would like to work with you on this.
    When I went in for surgery my aet was within 10% of ant at the end of the ski season. I will normally take a month to transition into summer training. My feet will force me into a gradual increase back into training. Any ideas on what may happen to my aet with the complete lack of activity for 10 weeks and any other training advice.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44308

    Email me at and we can talk about specifics. In general, coming back from a big surgery and immobilization, you need to be very gradually progressive in activity increase. It’s usually not just one joint that is off loaded during this process. The knees, pelvis/back, hips are also detained and need to be cared for coming back. The biggest danger during this process is to be rushed by a project or goal that is too ‘aspirational’.
    Look forward to talking with you.

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