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    Hi all,

    I finally got around to reading Breath by James Nestor and wanted to recommend it to others as it has a nice dovetail with the training philosophy.

    For me personally, I have noticed that regular nose breathing is a good indicator that I am staying in Zone 2 (so i dont have to constantly check my HR). Hence why I am finding this book so interesting– more than just training benefits of staying in Z2!

    Anyone else have reading recommendations that have helped you with training or understanding your body (besides the Uphill Athlete training books of course ;)?

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    Piedad Barillas-Bird on #63884

    Awesome. Thank you for the recommendation. One of my favs is The Rise of Superman: Decoding the science of ultimate human performance. By Stephen Kotler. All about Flo state 🙂

    Michelle on #64430

    For me its definitely Stacy Sims: Roar

    I am a HUGE believer in “Women are not small men” approaches. So she’s one of my faves. Love to science behind it all and I have interacted with some of her team quite a bit for questions on the app – her team reminds me quite a bit of our coaches here – super supportive and tonnes of information.

    Would love to see the authors of Uphill Athlete books and Stacy Sims collaborate on a book for women 🙂 (if they do, i want credit, haha)

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