recommendations for treating (long-) covid

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    Hi team!

    as promised, here are some recommendations.

    Important (as always) is a generally healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, sleep, sunlight, mental health…

    As I mentioned, I would recommend being very careful with getting back to training after an infection (even when asymptomatic).
    I tend to look at the recovery from long covid somehow like getting back from overtraining. And also base my recommendations on training on this.

    Here is a list of supplements that showed some promising results:

    – Vitamin D3 4000I.E. (100 mycrograms) per day
    – Vitamin K2 100 mycrograms per day
    – Vitamin A 1000 mycrograms per day
    – Vitamin E 20mg alpha-TE per day
    – Vitamin C 500mg per day
    – Zink 10mg per day
    – Selen 50-100 mycrograms per day
    – probiotic pacteria (I forgot to ask about your GI!?)
    – Quercetin 500mg per day
    – for sleeping 1-3g Melatonin (test how you react to a low dose first)
    – Omega-3-fatty acids 1g DHA and EPA
    – Curcumin
    – Desloratadin (Anti-Histamine) 5mg per day
    – Glutamine 3x5g per day

    Especially Quercetin has some good studies.
    There are other medications that showed promising results but are not yet approved for the treatment of covid.

    If anyone is interested in more details I’m happy to explain more.
    I’m also in contact with a German expert in covid treatment. I hope to get on a phone call with him soon. I’ll also ask him about any special considerations for athletes. Maybe you have any specific questions?!

    and finally: I’m kind of sick of this topic too. But it’s probably better to know what we are complaining about;-)

    best wishes to all of you!

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