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    Not a training related question. I’m loving real food but sometimes need a bit of a inspiration on what i could cook. Can you maybe share some of your recipes, or maybe someone have a webpage with some delicious Uphill Athlete friendly ideas ;)?

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    LindsayTroy on #55782

    I really like Scott Jurick’s book “eat and run” its mostly a novel about him, but there are a number of very good recipes in it!

    Rachel on #55790

    I like finding recipes at Epicurious in general. I’ll type in the main ingredient and see what pops up.

    And there’s a couple cookbooks I like a lot: Feeding the Whole Family and Super Natural Everyday. The first is supposed to be oriented towards parents feeding their families but honestly the recipes are both healthy and delicious and not just for picky kids. I have found a ton of new recipes in there that I cook often including a salmon recipe, pot roast (yum), and a lot of salads and side dishes.

    And the second (Super Natural every day) is a vegetarian cookbook. I’ll admit, sometimes I add some meat to the recipes because I like to eat meat. You can also see some of her recipes if you google her name (Heidi Swanson).

    I have wanted to try some of Jurker’s recipes from his memoir that Lindsay mentions. He’s supposed to be a good cook!

    nullkru on #55825

    Hey Ladies, thanks for your recommendation. I only have eat and run in audiobook version. I go crazy when i listen to them :D. Need to check out a hard copy.

    Epicurious i didn’t knew. I will check this site out.

    Thank you both, have a great day!

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