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    I have been struggling for several years with the problem that my heart rate rises very fast from the moment I start running, so three years ago I did a vo2 max test and it showed my aet 135 , lactate threshold 190 and max 212.
    When I saw these numbers I knew why I couldn’t run at a low heart rate due to low aet.

    Then I started training (11-12 hrs/week) at low heart rate averaging around 135 bpm for almost 2 years, mostly cycling and hiking.
    A few months ago I did a vo2 max test again, this time on the bike. and here were my values: aet 168 and lactate threshold 186, vo2 max: 64.
    Now I recently started running again after 2 years, and my heart rate is still rising very fast.

    By fast I mean from 105 bpm to 170 in 1 minute after 2 minutes i am already at 185 bpm. the pace i run is 6 min/km, not very fast.
    I find this very strange especially since a few months ago I hiked 100 km in 14 hours and regularly go cycling 150 km. But I cannot run 5 km.
    Does it really have to do with the aerobic threshold that it is still too low?

    attached: my recent workout of 2 x 1 km with 3 minutes rest in between.

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    llaurent2006 on #84913

    Hi Azerty,

    Thx for sharing and that’s quite surprising. Personnaly I’d fo to see a cardiologist first to make sure there is no issue (which very unlikeky given your training in past 2 years). Then probably it’s about getting your body used to running from a nervous system point of view, so doing 3min on / 1min off easy running as you did is a great way to slowly introducing running. L

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