Questions on getting set for 9/28 group start

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    Greetings, Just signed up for the fall group and greatly looking forward to the start. I am currently in the max strength part of the 24-week plan, and my ATP, after a phone consult with Scott, has been to cycle through the 24 weeks twice before 5/12/23 Denali trip. Should I stick with the 24-week plan or do I pick one of the three options? Also, the form for picking a plan seems to require a Gmail account. Is there a work around for that as I don’t use Gmail? Thanks, Tom

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    Moiez K on #70347

    Hi everyone, I just signed up for the Fall Group Training and am really looking forward to it. I did the 24 week Plan about 3 times during covid (since most travel was closed and I had too much time). In March 2022, I attempted Cotopaxi and was fit enough, but my mountaineering boots were about 1.5 sizes too big, so got blisters and had to turn around. I had climbed Kilimanjaro in 2017 and Cotopaxi in 2019 and my upcoming plan is Bolivia in September 2023 and possibly Aconcagua in Jan/Feb 2024.

    Since I started the 24 week Plan the first time, my AeT has gone from 132 to 158. I am not sure which Plan I should select – I am tempted to select the Intermediate Plan, but don’t want to miss any additional benefits that I could get by doing the Base Plan. Also, my next mountaineering objective is not until a year from now, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to start off with the Base Plan now? Any thoughts? Thanks!

    I REALLY want to be 110% fit for Aconcagua, if I eventually decide to do that.

    Nanook on #70366

    Hi – I also just signed up for the fall group and am new to UA!

    I was wondering what equipment will be needed for the training – I’m new to weight training & want to get a sense of if I should be investing in a gym membership for some of the workouts?

    Shannon Phares on #70437

    Hi team!

    Signed up for the fall group and have been using the UA 16-week plan since Oct’21. Has worked out great! I recycle the plan based on my climbing goals. I am stationed in Germany and try and get to the Alps as much as possible. 🙂 Look forward to meeting all of you virtually soon.

    Robert Moore on #70438

    Hi Team,

    I have also signed up for the Herbst (German for Fall/Autumn) session and am looking forward to it and to meet this Group of motivated people. I am English, now a German citizen based in the Pfalz with lots of climbing around me. Its been a few years since I was last in the Alps, mostly with Chamex. Keen to get back and planning a trip I hope for March. I was self coached in that time, having destroyed by reading TFTNA…

    I am 55, married with 2 daughters aged 9 and 7…and I must say that my TP stats may get destroyed by our family hikes….not by too little but, their wishes and my wife who love hiking, for 10 miles in hilly terrain….

    Already geeking out on TP and asking the group if I should update sooner than later my HR zones and just do some testing ahead of time? My concern is it might all be lost as there is a 14 day Premium trial running right now which i guess ends before its all switched on and plans are loaded? My connect account is already populating TP with my training.

    Robert Moore on #70442

    Hi Nanook, like you I am trying to get a feel as to what to expect in some of the training. If you go to the program section and look at Chamonix Mountain Fit…it says “At Home” and that weights are not needed until level 4. That said its good to watch the intro trailer as you see the set up they have.

    TLoftus on #70443

    Robert, The confirmation/receipt Email had this concerning TP premium: “Set up a athlete account if you don’t already have one. Note: Do NOT upgrade to Premium because that is included as part of your fee. They will send you many notifications to upgrade, but please ignore those.”

    Robert Moore on #70451

    Thanks tloftus, got it. Seems I just play for a few more days with the Premium Trial and wait for the official loading…

    Moiez K on #70457

    I already have a Premium account at TP. Does that matter?

    Steve on #70532

    I had an account before as well. It did not matter. I just added UA as my Coach per the email instructions – nothing else changed.
    I did have to move work outs around since I already had the 24 week plan on my calendar but Mark pinned a thread which talks about doing that – it was pretty easy to drag and drop / cut and paste things around. I elected to start with the Basic plan just to work thru the progression. Going to move to Intermediate this session.
    I had a full year premium subscription and when the 12 week session ended there was no interruption to my already exiting plan.

    Steve O.

    Moiez K on #70597

    Thanks, Steve.

    Saadia Sharjeel on #70888

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here at UA and this is my first time training online. My climbing goals for 2023 are a 6000er and a 7000er. I had been training according to TFTNA for years, during which I made both improvements and mistakes. My overall fitness goal is to get more self-sufficient in the mountains. I want to be able to carry everything that I need myself, without any reliance on a high-altitude porter (HAP).

    Secondly, I can’t access the Chamonix Mountain Fit video. When I go there, I am asked to buy it. If anybody can help me with that?


    aaronnorlund on #70916


    You should be able to do the following:

    1. login to
    2. paste in (or bookmark it and just go straight there).

    Hope this helps!

    Saadia Sharjeel on #70931

    Thanks Aaron. That helped. I am good now.

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