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    Question for the group and coaches.
    Are there any specific / good rules of thumb on how to distribute a load between your pack and a sled? I know it will likely vary based on personal preference but are there any good guidelines. i.e. only put xx% Body weight in your pack and add the balance to your sled, or Keep the sled weight low or high to help maintain control, etc.

    Looking at doing some trips with a pulk and was wondering if there were any tips or tricks.


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    Jesse Kauppila on #76396

    I’d be interested in this too!

    My experience has been that to put bulky lighter stuff in the pulk and heavy smaller stuff in the pack. The leverage of the pulk poles or ropes made maneuvering heavier loads further away from the body much more difficult.

    I learned the hard way on a hut trip not to bring more stuff just because you have a pulk. My buddies were like “Jesse’s bringing a sled let’s bring all this stuff.” Bad idea.

    Wesley McCain on #76508

    steve, you might get a better answer if you frame your questions based on objective.
    my exp is the classic sled drag on denali, and imho 80/20 sled/personal.
    everything i need for the day in the pack + if you go in a hole you can escape the sled weight(if you go all in) get retrieved or self recover and everything is buttoned up for retrieval.
    when you say “pulk” i think stiff hard points more for x-country ski tours,
    lots of experience on this site so maybe a better answer is coming your way.
    (personally would have hated more hard points in my system like a pulk on the hill, the sled will follow the fall line especially descending 11k to the lz).


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