Programming Question: Where to “get” the other 15%?

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    Apologies if this has been touched on before. My search came up empty. I got the book, read the book, love the book.

    I am self-programming, utilizing TFTUA, the Cat 1 First Time 50K Running Race Plan (pg. 291).

    Three notes:
    1.) I have ADS
    2.) I’m 43 years old and, as such, have two strength sessions per week.
    3.) I am a former (recovering?) cyclist and, thus, prefer to do my Day 4 Z1 Recovery on the bike. (I find the easy spin beneficial for shaking out the legs and alleviating the joint stress of running for a day.)

    As a result of the above, my Early Base Period Week (pg. 347) looks like this:

    Day 1: Rest
    Day 2: Z2 up to 15% of weekly vert and distance / Strength Training
    Day 3: Z2 up to 15% of weekly vert and distance
    Day 4: Recovery bike ride (super easy, usually about 45-60 mins w/ ~400 ft. of easy vert, which is a little vert as I can get out my door in LA).
    Day 5: Strength Training (instead of hill sprints)
    Day 6: Z2 up to 15% of weekly vert and distance
    Day 7: Z1 up to 40% of weekly vert and distance
    So, I have 4 runs per week, totaling 85% of weekly distance. My question is where do I get the other 15%?
    Should I be accounting for the cycling milage? If so, how? Or should I simply add 5% to each of the four run days?
    I’d definitely prefer not to scrap the bike ride for another run but I can if that’s the preferred prescription. Or is there another option I am missing?

    Thanks much.


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    Anonymous on #44913

    Hi Brent,

    Good work diving into the training and process of improving your aerobic capacity. It looks like you have a good template laid out for the week which covers your bases. I wouldn’t be concerned right now about the “missing” 15% running volume, which you’ve chosen to replace with the bike ride. For right now I imagine the gains you’ll make by spending lots of consistent volume at your defined AeT will be the most important. As you progress and see that base growing, and/or if you get an objective (such as a 50km race or similar) on the calendar which will require getting more specific with your running, you can shift that bike ride to a run, and opt instead to use the bike for other days. I will often program a recovery 30min bike ride after strength workouts for athletes; this is an easy way to get “extra” volume in a non-impactful way, and without diminishing the running volume.

    Hope that helps – good luck!

    Brett on #44942

    Got it. Many thanks for the reply, Sam.



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