Possible future call topic – training psychology and motivation

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    Just a thought about an idea for a future call – would love to hear more about folks’ thoughts on keeping motivated during training especially on long weighted hill repeats.

    I’m struggling some days right now. Last year I was 20 weeks into the 24 week expedition training plan when my trip to Spantik got cancelled due to Pakistan’s understandable ban on visitors from the UK. I was devastated and crushed after all that training effort. The little devil on my shoulder reminds me that I may again be ‘training for nothing’ especially on the more boring sessions.

    Denali is my goal for 2022 and has been on my list for 20+ years and keeping that focus works most of the time. However, it still seems a long way off ……

    Any tips, tricks etc gratefully received!

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    MarkPostle on #61748

    I think this might be a great topic to dig into in the next zoom meeting for a few minutes Matt as many folks may benefit from it. It has definitely been an issue recently with many peoples goals being canceled or disrupted due to Covid. I generally find that climbing goals that are far away in time frames are hard to wrap your head around on a daily basis and get your butt out the door and train for. A lot of folks benefit from having a couple of intermediate goals along the way to keep the stoke than trying to envision some thing that is six, 12 or 24 months away.

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