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    I am 2.5 weeks out of a peroneal tendon reconstruction (both the brevis and longus). Julie Perumal and Stephen Knecht have made a detailed table of progressions following this reconstruction available here: Perumal & Knecht Rehab Table

    Their procedure seems geared to getting an individual returned to their sport and I am happy to follow it. The specific instructions I’ve received from my surgeon following removal of my splint are pretty generic: achieve weight bearing by week ~6 and we will see you again at week 8, which loosely corresponds to the Perumal & Knecht guidance.

    I would be interested in any peroneal tendon rehab experiences or pitfalls the broader community is willing to share, especially those concerning return to skiing & mixed climbing.


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    Thomas Summer, MD on #57243

    Hi Alan!

    great that you are already 2,5 weeks into your rehab!
    The table of progression you show here is fine. But it’s just a guideline. It’s very helpful to have a good physiotherapist to guide you along the way, and adapt the load and progression depending on regular examination of your progress.
    If you don’t have a good physio, we have the best. Then I would recommend getting in touch with Pete.

    Hope that helps!?

    all the best for your rehab and have a quick recovery!

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