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    Brian Vickers

    I’ve read in several places that Training Peaks Premium is needed to get pa:hr analysis. I use the free version at the moment and when I click Map/Graph there is pa:hr data at the bottom. I’m wondering if this is the same pa:hr result I’d see on Premium but just without more detailed analysis. The data I get seems to correspond with the last track AeT test I did but since the article on HR Drift specifies thar pa:hr is only available on Premium I wondered if what I’m seeing with the free app is correct. Thanks!

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    Mariner_9 on #66286

    Hi Frantik,

    Yes, I was doing the test going uphill. I thought the gradient was fairly consistent but it seems it’s steeper in the first half than the second which – at least in part – explains why my HR in the second half was lower (same experience on three similar hikes last week). I will re-do the test on flat ground.

    It’s possible to view HR data sampled at 1-second intervals in TP but unfortunately *not* to export that data. I was hoping to do so as the data from the .fit file was sampled irregularly and is missing distance and elevation.

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