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    What relevant information can one get from oxygen pulse values? Is it possible to estimate stroke volume from O2 pulse?


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    Anonymous on #9365

    What is “oxygen pulse”?

    Anonymous on #9381

    Like Scott I am not sure what you mean by oxygen pulse.
    I assume you mean a Pulse Oximeter that clips on your finger and and reads the O2 saturation of your blood?? If I am correct then no, you can not measure stroke volume. They measure heart rate and O2 sat. That’s all. Here is an article about them:

    Practical Advice for Using O2 Sat Meters on Expeditions


    tonys on #9393

    I really meant “oxygen pulse”. I too hadn’t ever heard about it until I got my effort test results.
    I did some research and what I learned is oxygen pulse is defined as “the ratio of oxygen consumption to heart rate and expresses the volume of oxygen ejected from the ventricles with each cardiac contraction”. It is calculated as the peak Vo2 divided by peak HR. So it is an index of stroke volume in association with oxygen extraction.

    Anonymous on #9394

    “The volume of oxygen ejected from the ventricles” sounds strange to me, but I can see why changes in the ratio may suggest changes in stroke volume.

    Still, changes in the ratio will be inconvenient and expensive to measure, and therefore probably not measured often enough to be useful. I think you’ll get more practical, more testable information by tracking your speed at AeT and AnT.

    tonys on #9399

    Yes Scott, “oxygen ejected from the ventricles” does not sound good. I actually got it from a book called “The Athletic Horse” (Second Edition). But I read similar definitions on some other books, not horse related.
    And yes, I’ve also been tracking my speed at AeT and AnT and it has been improving a lot since training as taught on TFTNA.

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