Overtraining and Insomnia

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    Jesse Kauppila


    So, for the last 3 years I’ve been dealing with insomnia. I’ve done a ton of work and it’s gotten better. I don’t want to go over everything right now, but there’s a couple of indications that this might be due to overtraining:

    1) On Denali this Summer I actually slept better than I have in years. We also did a ton of waiting due to the inclimate weather this year. The sleep was great for two weeks after returning to “reality” and then it came back a week after I started to train again.

    2) My recent sleep journal shows a correlation between rest days and sleeping through the night.

    I definitely don’t FEEL like I’m overtraining or like I’m super fatigued. So, it’s difficult for me to train on feel or rest by feel.

    Any thoughts on this would be much obliged!

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