New To Uphill Athlete, where do I start?

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    Hey everyone, Ive just found the Uphill Athlete community while searching for training plans for western big-game hunting.

    Can someone offer any direction on what type of plan I should be looking at with Uphill Athlete info? (mountaineering, mountain running, tactical, etc.) just don’t really know where to start. I’m trying to train for week-ish long trips while carrying around a 50-60 lb pack in steep terrain but not so high elevation or so much technical climbing. Any thoughts?


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    Shashi on #64349


    Welcome to Uphill Athlete.

    The mountaineering training plans will help you build the aerobic and strength required for your big-game hunting trip. You can see all the plans under Training Plans tab on the website.

    If you are interested in reading about the training approach, check out this article –

    Training for Mountaineering

    Hope this is helpful. Wish you the best!

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