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    I just finished the 8 week mountaineering plan and it culminated with my first skimo race, I came in dead last but had the biggest smile in the group. My training peaks tells me i set a new heart rate threshold by apparently maintaining a HR of 163 for a whole hour.

    I’m planning on doing the 8 weeks again and am wondering what if anything I can do with this information and new heart rate threshold and what exactly that means.

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    Anonymous on #8281

    You may be aware there are 2 significant (and significantly different) metabolic break points called “thresholds”. One is the aerobic threshold and one the anaerobic threshold. TP is referring to the Anaerobic one in their threshold notifications.

    The significance in their difference is important for your training and they should not be confused. If you are unclear about this subject we have copious amounts of information on the site and in our book about this distinction.


    lapotka on #8288

    163 seemed way to high to be my aerobic threshold, thanks for the clarification. Does this in anyway correlate to an increase in my aerobic threshold? do the two necessarily move upward together? I have been training my aerobic base workouts in the 130- 140 range but noticed recently i could maintain a full hour of cross country skiing with my mouth frozen shut at 150. I guess I’m just a bit confused about what progress in my aerobic threshold will look like… will my nose breathing pace be able to go at a higher HR?

    Anonymous on #8297

    @lapotka: I wouldn’t assume that your AeT will increase along with your AnT (despite what proponents of HIIT might say).

    AeT typically rises by being “pushed” from the bottom up; i.e. work below AeT to increase AeT.

    AnT, on the other hand, can move by being both “pushed” from below and “pulled” from above with both lower and higher intensities.

    WRT your nose breathing pace, if you’ve warmed up gradually (over 20-30′) and you find that your nasal bpm is higher than it used to be, then it’s probably improved.

    Last, good job on your first skimo race!

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