Negative heart-rate drift?

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    Joe Molloy

    Hi Scott and Mark

    I will be in the mountains on Monday, so tried to do the AeT test today.

    I used a Treadmill at 10% for 60 min at a constant speed and started at a heart rate of 130 (during my warmup I aimed for 135bpm, but found it already rising during the warmup to 140bpm so dropped down till it stabilised) –

    Warmup was a total of 20 mins at around 135bpm after cycling to the gym.

    Anyway, in the results, I now have a negative HR drift of -5%, finishing at 120bpm.

    I obviously undershoot the target rate massively and will try again next week, but I was still surprised to see a negative drift – I didn’t know that could happen?

    Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated!

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    MarkPostle on #67107

    What was your exertion level here? Did it feel all day sustainable? Were you able to nose breathe?

    Joe Molloy on #67109

    Minimal exertion. I was only nose breathing, and could have done it all day.

    I did notice quite a bit of HR fluctuation during the test +/- 4bpm, but I guess that’s normal too?

    MarkPostle on #67143

    Yes HR flux of 3-5 beats is probably mostly normal but more than that may be HR device error if using a treadmill. Given your subjective feeling abut difficulty and the neg HR drift I would attempt the test again at 10 BPM higher than this one and see how the data looks.

    Joe Molloy on #67221

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the advice

    I think it worked it out now with that help. Aimed way too low initially. In case your interested in the process:

    Had a go yesterday starting at 141bpm, and saw nothing
    Then started at 150 today, and saw a negative drift to 141bpm in the first 30 mins.
    That just annoyed me so I started progressively ramping up. And put the speed up 20%, HR stabilised at 153bpm, then saw a ~2.6% increase over the next 20 mins (Determined this after with TrainingPeaks).

    I kept ramping up, and started to feel a bit of a Z3 effort around 163bpm, and blew up at ~170bpm

    So I think I’m finally in the ballpark around 155bpm. I expected it to be lower I guess.

    Thanks again

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