Need advice on 8 week plan progress

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    I bought the 8 week plan and it is going well. I started to plan on 9/25, but am only on week 4 of the plan due to life getting in the way. I have increased my Aet by 10 bpm since I started. I am at 120 bpm now. I have not done the AnT test yet. For the Core training, I can’t do the super push ups, the hanging leg raise is with knees bent, the bridge without raising my legs, can’t lift my feet off the floor for gymnast L-sit, pull ups and dips are on a machine with 115 lb of counterweight. My weight is about 260 lb, age 60. Before the pandemic, I was able to do the super push ups, and box step ups with about 70 lb extra. Now I am at 15 lb.
    Next week, I am supposed to do a Mountaineering Max Strength workout.
    Am I ready for that, or should it not be done until I can do the basic core routine?
    I also have chronic rotator cuff problems, 3 surgeries for that, and also golfers elbow. Both of these have not stopped me from doing any part of the program, but I can feel mild pain in the left shoulder and right elbow.

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