Muscular Endurance workouts during backcountry ski season?

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    I have been doing the UA muscular endurance gym-based workouts for the past few months. Now that the ski season is in full swing, I am wondering if it’s a bad idea to keep doing the ME workouts. They beat my legs up pretty bad for about 2-3 days, and since skiing is a fairly muscular sport (lots of vert, isometric loading on downhill, carrying weight on uphill), maybe it’s too much?

    Has anyone navigated this question before? In your opinion, should I stop ME training during the ski season? Dial it back maybe?


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    Drop the ME during ski season. You’re right that there is already a significant ME load coming from those days touring. Too much a good thing can turn out badly.


    doughywilson on #62071

    Thanks Scott!

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    i was wondering about this, except if i want to do this outdoors, on skis, will it work to do add weight and go skinning?

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