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    Hello everyone. How Long before an A race must I do an ME block? How long will the ME training effect last? So you start the season with base training and ME. At some point, you would have to cut the ME to add intervals and longer runs then go into the taper. So would that effect from ME last for 6 months? Also, do you keep some ME workouts during the later stages of your training or just maintain some general strength training?

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    Fletcher on #83190

    I think it generally depends on if you have a decent steep hill to do Z3 long (15+ min) intervals on. For me roughly about 8 weeks before an A race I’d be ensuring I do a lot of event specific climbing and start to drop focus on ME strength work.

    The way I see it is, ME builds and counteracts the breakdown of muscles, there’s little harm in incorporating ME/functional runner/Chamonix strength into your week up to 2-3 weeks before the race. as long as it doesn’t take away from any specific training.

    I’m no coach so you can take what I say with a large pinch of salt…

    Jane Mackay on #83205

    Exarchoste, the answers in this forum post might help. Let us know if they don’t.

    Can I Keep Doing ME Gym Based Workouts…Long term goals.

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