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    Looking for some recommendations for long form mountaineering podcasts.

    Of course, the UA one is awesome 🙂 Also liked Climbing Gold with Alex Honnold. Also so like some of the Training Peaks ones. The Cutting Edge is good too. Recently discovered Afterglow – a mountain storytelling podcast.

    What am I missing out on?

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    MarkPostle on #59522

    A bit niche but theres some good content on Its pretty Alaska centric but I know you’re headed for Denali next year so you may find it of interest

    mattmay3s on #59544

    Thanks Mark – will take a look

    saulj on #59673

    Another vote for Afterglow, they are starting a new season soon (or maybe it has already started).

    Also the Sharp End is good for learning how to deal with emergencies.

    mattmay3s on #59681

    @saulj – thanks will check out Sharp End

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