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Mountaineering Max Strength workout clarification

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    I’m approaching the start of the base period for the 16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan and having some trouble parsing the description for the Mountaineering Max Strength workout. Could someone help break down the description below into a step-by-step example workout of sets and reps?

    Now that the strength base has been laid we’ll progress to a max strength program by singling our a few of the more sport specific exercises to focus on.
    15 min treadmill Run/hike warm up 10′ easy + 5′ of 1′ fast 1′ easy.
    Find the 4 hardest core exercises for you to complete. Eg: things like the hanging leg raise, 3 point with a vest on, kayaker, side plank. For these use a resistance that will only allow 6-10 second hold or 6 reps max. For hanging leg raise you can hang from bar and swing legs above bar then slowly lower. If you can manage only 3 of these reps that’s fine. Try to hold good form on all exercises. Kayaker use something like a15kg weight and swing the weight fast as you can. Side plank again use a big weight (12-15kg), don’t worry about keeping a straight arm. focus instead on a straight body position.
    Suggested weights here are for reference only.
    For the main part of the workout use the box step up coupled with a push ups done in sets of 4-6 reps with a weight you might be able to lift 8 times. This means you’ll do a set of 4 reps/leg of box step using a total of say, 40-45kg then take 30 sec rest and do 4 push ups using something like 10-15kg vest. You can wear the vest the whole time so you don’t need to take it on and off. Just use a lighter barbell for the box step ups. Then rest 2-3 min stretching and repeat 3 more times. Use mountain boots for all. Repeat couplet 4 times
    Second couplet is Step downs/ Pull ups
    For step downs use a 30cm step and and 10-20Kg, step forward down off the box to touch the floor lightly with your heel and then push back up onto the box, 4 reps. Then take 30” and go to the pull up bar. 4 reps of slow lowering wearing the boots. Get chin over the bar any way you can then lower for 5 sec and repeat. Add weight as needed to make the 5 sec lower near to max. rest 3 min /couplet set and repeat 4 times.
    Progression: Weeks 1-2 use 4 sets
    Weeks 3-4 use 5 sets
    Weeks 5-6 use 6 sets
    Weeks 7-8 use 5 sets but increase weight each set and drop reps by 1 in each set. Eg: set #1=4 reps, set#2=3 reps, set#3=2 reps, set#4=1rep.

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    I hope the warm up is clear to you.

    Core: Select the 4 hardest exercises that you have been doing through the earlier weeks. By now you should have found 4 that challenge you. With these 4 exercises add enough resistance that you can only manage a few (3-6) reps of a few (6-10) seconds of isometric hold. The effort needs to be very near max and the reps or time will hence be low. So you have 4 exercises where you will do between 3-6 reps or 6-10 second iso hold if that is what is called for (such as the L sit). In weeks 1-2 use 4 sets of this. Progress as listed at bottom of description.

    For the arms and legs part of the Max workout you have 4 exercises done as couplets.

    Couplet #1 is Box Step ups and Push ups
    Couplet #2 is Step Downs and Pull ups

    You need to select a weight that WOULD allow 8 reps till failure but you are going to do only 4-6 reps in each set of each exercise. So 5 reps of box step followed by 5 reps of push ups. do this couplet taking 2-3 minuets rest between exercises.

    Do the same for the second couplet.

    In week 1 you’ll do 4 sets as is listed at the bottom of the description. In subsequent weeks add sets as indicated. You’ll always be checking weight and adding as appropriate to keep reps in the 4-6 range. Do not go to failure in these sets.

    I hope this helps.

    NotOnEiger on #6808

    Thanks for that explanation. I am approaching the max strength part in my 8-week-Mountaineering-plan soon too so that helps.
    Which reminds me – I noticed that strength sessions do not change CTL, ATL or TSB on TrainingPeaks. Yet, they do at least contribute to my fatigue level for sure!? Any explanation to that?

    madanyang on #6819

    @awestib, I am doing the 8 weeks Ice and Mixed training and for all the strength training sessions I do see change in all of the CTL,ATL and TSB even though I am not correcting the TSS scores as suggested by Scott in another thread as the real data is pretty close to his suggestions.

    NotOnEiger on #6821

    Thanks for the reply madanyang. I usually just press “Completed as Planned” on the app after the strength session. Maybe I have to put more data in? My next strength session is coming up this Monday so I will pay more attention.

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