Modifying the 24 Week Plan

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    Hello Uphill Athlete Team,

    I purchased the 24 week training plan and have come to realize that I probably should have purchased the 16 week plan. Some of my objectives this next season are Glacier Peak, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Adams. I’d like to be ready to attempt some of these around May/June, weather dependent. How can I shorten the 24 week training plan to 16 weeks? Or should I just purchase the 16 week plan?

    Thanks for your help!

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    AshRick on #48623

    Ditto! I have the 20 week Big Vert plan. I need a 16 week plan. I’m already pretty fit and ready to roll (~30 mile weeks with 3-5k of vert). Have the AeT and AnT numbers already set (from years of multisport training using Training Peaks).

    My target event is Grand Canyon R2R2R around April 18. I need to shorten the total plan by about four weeks.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    AshRick on #48635

    Reading the plan more carefully, I think I’m going to just start at week four. Do the ME progression as a week-one setup and follow the build, but otherwise just do all the work as shown. Maybe shorten the longest run a little the first couple weeks.


    Anonymous on #48663


    Good for you thinking about how to customize one of our plans to suit your personal situation. The 24 week plan is the best plan for just this reason. If you lack base fitness, shorten the plan on the tail end. If you are fitter then short them plan on the front end.


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