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Mobility in the 24 Week Plan

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    I’ve just started the 24 week plan and am headed to Denali in 2021. It’s been great so far, but I noticed there was no mobility work incorporated into the plan. Are there any supplementary mobility/stretching workouts that are recommended that couple well with the demands of the training plan?

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    Anonymous on #45136


    Thanks for buying the 24 week expedition plan. That plan has been used successfully by hundreds of Denali climbers and we supply it to several of the Denali guide services. I think you’ll get good results.

    There are two reasons that there is no mobility work in that program. Fist is that the plan is designed to be the minimum preparation that we recommend for demanding long climbs like Denali. That means that some stronger/fitter climbers may supplement with more volume. Some, like yourself may want to integrate mobility work. Some like to add yoga. We can’t anticipate these various demands so we make a plan that will get the job done if you follow it. The second reason is that there is no one mobility routine that fits everyone. I would suggest you fine tune your own personal mobility work to fit your needs; be they spine, hips, ankles, knees, shoulders, neck.

    In short it is fine to supplement this plan with additional time spent doing what you feel will benefit you. We do have quite a few videos on the site showing mobility exercises. Youtube is a great resource as well.

    Good luck in your training.

    glassman.nathan on #45146

    Thanks Scott! Follow-up question, what are some options for me to increase the amount of work in the program?

    I recently did Shuskan Chimneys and DC on Rainier in short week and felt fine. I’m in decent shape and am finding that I’m rarely tired after the first two weeks of the 24 week plan. Should I stick with it as prescribed or add additional work?

    Most of my previous work has been focused on higher intensity so aerobic base work is a new approach for me.

    Anonymous on #45325

    It’s never an issue to increase the amount of Z1/2, especially Z1. The caveat is that the general volume should be sustainable over the long-term and should not impact performance for higher intensity sessions.

    If you don’t binge-purge with huge weeks followed by next to nothing and are fresh for any higher intensity sessions (including strength) then it’s fine to add volume (gradually).

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