Metabolic testing in CO

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    I’d like to get a gas exchange test, but we live in northern New Mexico. My husband went to UNM in Albuquerque and got tested there but I don’t think I want to use them — the test was really geared to finding VO2 Max and while he got an AeT number we’re not sure how accurate it is as the stages were very short. And I really want to see that carb/fat graph (they eventually produced an RER graph for him but it just looks kind of wrong, but maybe it’s because of the short stages.) I’m pretty sure I’ve made huge progress in my fat burning but I’d like to see some numbers.

    I’m thinking we need to make the drive to Colorado. Has anyone been tested in Durango, Gunnison, or Grand Junction? Or do we need to bite the bullet and head to Boulder or Denver? Is CU the place to go these days?

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    Zuko on #20532

    If you’re military you can have the test done at the Air Force Academy. Otherwise CU Boulder is the place to be.

    Anonymous on #20585


    The only lab we know about in your area is the one at CU Sports Medicine Center in Boulder.


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