Me Workouts and Rhabdomyolysis

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    Wondering if anyone has had any experience of rhabdomyolysis with ME work being a possible contributing factor. I recently cut short an FKT fastpack attempt 50 miles in after my urine had become like red wine. A little scary at the time as I feared rhabdo but it cleared up by the morning. During the run I had a constant sensation of needing to urinate with nothing much being produced. It was a hot day but I felt I was well hydrated and the effort in and of itself wasn’t overly severe (mostly powerhiking with a 7kg pack). I had taken an Nsaid the day before for a cricked neck. I’m now wondering if an ME Workout leading up to the run might have also contributed. I did one of the ME home workouts a week before the run with lots of split squats/squat jumps etc… which left me pretty sore for about 4 days. I’m waiting to have a blood test fof kidney function and my physician suspects maybe mild rhabdo but having done a bit of reading it looks like intense eccentric exercise can be a cause of rhabdo. There is even something called ‘squat syndrome’. I’m interested if anyone has any experience of this. Going forward I think I will avoid scheduling any ME work too close to my goal event…

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #57080


    dark/red urine can have many reasons. Infection!? Rupturing of small blood vessels…

    Everything that damages muscle tissue is a part of rhabdomyolysis. So ME is a contributing factor. But why would you do it so short before a goal event?!? “sore for 4 days” is an indication that you did good muscle damage.

    Your physician should know what lab work to perform, to check your kidney and muscels.

    Have a quick recovery and be carefull with NSAIDs!

    davelockyer101 on #57134

    I’m waiting for a blood test which has been delayed due to supply chain issues here in the UK.. Not sure whether it’ll still pick up rhadbo after 2-3 weeks tho. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an infection as it has cleared up by the next morning. I do usually stay well clear of NSAIDS. The main takeaway is not to schedule any me work do close to the main event. What’s the recommended time frame between the last me session and thd goal event for long distance mountain running?

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