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    48 year old mountain runner here.

    I’m in the process of formulating my plan for a B race in the spring, which I intend to use to refine for a plan for a late summer A race.

    So I’m in Base training right now, and been doing twice weekly strength sessions and runs on 5 days a week. Typically my schedule looks like the following:

    Monday – completely off, most I’ll do is some recovery walking
    Tuesday – Mid week long run of 9-11m. This is a day I will do intensity later on.
    Wednesday – 8-10m, sometimes split into double days.
    Thursday – 8-10m, sometimes split into double days.
    Friday – No running, but I usually do a standup cycle or standard cycle on this day.
    Saturday – Long run of 15+ miles.
    Sunday – AM Run of 8-10m, PM standup cycle.

    I usually do the 2 strength days whenever I can fit them, but often they’re on Tuesday and then either Thursday/Friday. I’m older so I often need more than 48 hours recovery.

    This begs the question, where do I fit in the ME workouts? It sounds like I should be doing 2 of them each week during base period and at 50 minutes plus (15min warmup plus 40+ minutes of ME), it’s a solid block of time to fit into the schedule. I need to be recovered from runs and strength workouts to boot.

    PM on Tuesday and Thursday is where I’d think, but I’m already doing strength on those days most weeks.


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    Anonymous on #30046

    ME would typically substitute for a strength day. So you could do one Strength and one ME or two of either. It depends where you are in your program. It’s best to start with strength and then transition into ME.

    briguy on #30047

    Thanks Scott. That makes sense to me, but the Uphill Athlete book suggests 2 Strength workouts per week, and for Muscular Endurance during Base it says “if a weakness, this would be a good time to begin focused ME workouts. Ski Mountaineers, use once per week in the early weeks.”

    Since per the book, ME is either dropped or reduced by 50% in the other Macro periods, I want to make sure I leverage it when it’s called for.

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