Lower Rpm Cycling for uphill training

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    During the mud season I’ve been getting on the bike to help heal a minor foot injury before ski touring starts.

    I was thinking about stacking and wonder if anyone has tried biking on a harder gear which gets their Ron’s closer to the cadence of running and uphill climbing. I was thinking mainly about uphill climbing and the range of motion and it seems to be not exactly that of cycling but somewhat close.

    I’ve been messing with increasing the resistance on a wattbike until I’m closer to 50 rpms.

    Any thought on implementing from time to time when I cycle in doors?

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    Anonymous on #30745

    I’m not sure that I understand. What is “stacking”?

    I’m not sure about the crossover between cycling and skimo cadence (the hip angle in cycling is much more acute).

    Anonymous on #30762

    I’ve used standing uphill cycling in a big gear as ME workouts for XC skiers and up hill running. When standing the hip angle issue Scott mentions above is much reduced.
    Works great. And one famous US XC sker took the seat off his bike so he could not sit 🙂


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