Lactate Monitor vs Gas Exchange Test

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    I know that gas exchange testing is the gold standard for determining thresholds but I was wondering how much better it is than using a lactate monitor. I’m mostly asking because for the price of a single gas exchange test in my area I could buy a lactate monitor which would allow me to retest more frequently.


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    For over 20 years I have used lactate tests on my athletes for setting the top of Z2. It works and is simple. You will not get all the info that you would from the GET though. You won’t get the % of fat vs carb use at different intensities. But you certainly will not be flying blind.


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    Good question, @daneb82. I went the same route many years ago, and now I have so many tests to refer to that I have a very good idea of where my thresholds are, how they feel, what my breathing is like at those thresholds, etc.

    It was a huge benefit for me to be able to test so often, sometimes reinforcing my assumptions, often tearing them down. When you include what you’ll learn with a lactate meter, I think it’s a much better choice than infrequent gas exchange tests.

    Dane on #25765

    Thanks for the responses. I’m enough of a data minded person that having the the ability to test more frequently appeals to me so it’s good to know it’s a worthwhile investment.


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