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    I’m looking for some advice about my knee injury, which developed quickly about 6 weeks ago following a little tightness in my calf … I cannot think of anything else that preceded it! Yes I was working nights, had recently raced (not long), and was training so I guess everyone says overuse/overdoing life etc, but this is the norm for me, it wasn’t my life suddenly got more stressful. If anything the UA program saw me improve and excel in races like I’d never before so I was happy and excited.

    I’ve seen 2 physios and a Chinese medicine practitioner. Some tell me to rest, some tell me to load the tendon, one told me to run, the other two said don’t run for 2 weeks… I’m now confused. I’m coming up to two weeks no running and doing my physio work (loading the tendon) and continuing to swim/walk and I tried a cycle but that hurt/throbbed in the tendon.

    My pain is primarily in the tendon on the posterior of my knee, on the outer knee. The pain also feels like it’s behind my knee at times as an ache. It hurts at night when I sleep, and after any exercise if i try to crouch down it hurts, and I couldn’t sit cross legged on the floor without pain, or sit back in the equivalent of a child’s pose in yoga. I’ve had someone say it’s a bursa in my knee and then tendon rubbing, someone else say it’s all from my hip.

    Does it take trial and error to find the right physio/sports therapist for you? I feel I am haemorrhaging cash at this and as a paramedic student I don’t have it to burn!

    Does anyone else have experience with a similar knee issue, I fell when I tell professional therapists about it they seem a bit confused…

    I am desperate to get back to running as I am like many others on these forums who get down when I can’t run. I’m trying to channel my energy!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #68007

    Hi Erin(!?)

    Did you give it any rest? What exercises are you doing to load the tendon? Usually, it’s better to give an overuse injury some rest before you load it again.
    What did the physios tell you what the problem is? Any chance of seeing an Orthopedic doc? But it really looks like there is an issue with the tendon (biceps tendon).

    I’m sure we can find a way for you to solve this!


    erinmcfadden39 on #68008

    Hi Thomas, thank you so much for the reply. I have rested it in regards to no running for 2 weeks… but I did continue to swim, walk and do the physio work. Depending on the physio/therapist I saw I had these three opinions so far:

    – Chinese practitioner saying it’s overuse and knots stemming from the hips.

    – Sports therapist – bursa inflamed and rubbing on tendon, also noted issue in hip drop on the same side as knee pain

    – Physio – tendon frayed

    The therapist gave me stretches inc. static then dynamic stretches for the hamstring, static squat.I was told to rest to 3 days, then try a run, but this definitely wasn’t enough rest.

    Whereas the physio gave me loading exercises inc. nordic drops, single and normal dead lift, banded squats, single leg high bridges. They said it wasn’t realistic to give me other stretches as the legs were strong and needed these. I was told not to run for 2 weeks then can attempt a run/walk (which would be tomorrow but definitely don’t feel ready), but 4-6 wks realistic recovery.

    I guess I’m confused as I get different exercises/stretches/opinions/volumes of running to follow. Luckily everyone said I can continue to do cardio (swim/bike/walk).

    I’m a bit annoyed as I was religiously following the UA ME workouts and progressing onto the hill repeats, then I invested in a coach and they didn’t prescribe ME/strength so it’s my fault for not continuing ME/strength. My gut told me to keep it up so now I’ve learned me lesson!I can swim far quite easily, so I am hoping that will keep something of a base for me in the meantime.

    Thanks again!

    Thomas Summer, MD on #68042

    Hi Erin!

    How does it feel while and after doing the physio exercises? I would be careful to load it too much too early. These exercises are great, but also very demanding on the hamstring tendons.
    If you don’t have pain during and after, I would also recommend continuing with the cardio. Swimming is great!

    You have a coach from UA?! We usually know quite well what we are doing;-) good that you learned that lesson;-)

    Have a good recovery!

    erinmcfadden39 on #68058

    Hi Thomas,

    After the first couple of times I did the physio exercises I really felt it in my hamstrings but not the knee. But the hamstrings seem to be adapting to the load well as the pain/doms are much less a week and a bit in which is good.

    Haha, not an UA coach unfortunately. Im sure if I had my strength/ME would have continued …I’m based in Scotland so I got a local coach. But I’m back to self coaching now and when I’m recovered will start the ME again, I’d progressed nicely with that and am a huge fan.

    Thanks again for your insight and help. I have a new physio app Wednesday so maybe will get a clearer route forward then. Previously I saw the NHS physio which is an amazing but limited service here in Scotland, so I am trying to find a private practitioner that is right for me.


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