Knee pain – meniscus? Treatment?

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    Hey Pete and all,
    I’m experiencing pain in the “centre” of my R knee under the following conditions:
    -High step move when rock climbing (foot at hip height, stepping up on leg)
    -Heavy backpack load (~60lb), esp uphill on boulder fields
    I assume it’s the meniscus…?

    Any treatment suggestions?

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #26787

    Might not be meniscus as surface issues can give similar symptoms. Irregardless, you can train your musculoskeletal system to better support the knee in those positions. On a tall bench, practice a step up/down without pushing off on your ‘down’ leg. Load as tolerated. I like to cock my foot up and just touch my heel down, then power back up. Pause briefly at the point of maximum flexion. For joint relief, cycling is a great activity to clear inflammation and ‘polish’ the chondral surfaces.

    TerryLui on #26846

    Great thank you Pete!

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