Knee discomfort vs base period plans

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    Hi Pete & co!

    I am about to start my 1st base period week with training tomorrow scheduled for my first max strength training session (was also going to do a 15 min run max HR test). My scheduled cardio training for this week is 480 minutes; I started @ 250.

    I have been having this uncomfortable “overdoing it” sensation in my knees since I did my normal 8 mi or so hilly route on Sunday; I did a longer (but significantly slower) 12 mi or so hike on Saturday.

    I totally failed last week and instead of cutting my cardio time in half, I logged 630 minutes (although I spent a significant time below zone 1, which is unusual).

    I am thinking of either a) taking it day by day and still trying to do the workouts/see what I can handle tomorrow/the rest of the week, or

    b) keeping this week the same as last week w cardio and strength, and trying to go up as planned next week

    Besides this creaky knees feeling I am not feeling sore or tired overall; I haven’t trained the past 2 days due to commitments after work.

    Wanted to hear your thoughts.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #21815

    With the increase in minutes last week, and the sensations in your knee, I would back off and take it day by day. Don’t get locked into the plan if your body is giving you some pre injury signs. I’m ok with appropriate fatigue as that is part of training, but early season knee symptoms should be listened too. Core and strength can be maintained if your are accommodated to the activities. Hope this helps to tell you that you are right to listen to your body, our intrinsic motivation can sometimes mask our bodies ‘voice’.

    lukejroberts on #22030


    I’ve had some issues with my knees recently, particularly ITBS and tendonitis. In the last week I noticed on my left foot stride I was not landing where I thought I was – I.e. on the midfoot. I was in fact landing almost flat footed, only on the left foot. This discovery has led me to consciously alter my gait to landing more foreword (and symmetrically with my right foot) while running.

    Point I’m trying to make is there may be a really small imbalance that goes unnoticed in the smaller runs but when accumulating miles these asymmetries can become real issues.


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