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    Hi Everyone,
    Perhaps you could help me with training peaks entering the TSS value of the following training. I do Yoga twice a week and Jiu Jitsu sparring 2.5 hours per week. My training plan is focused on preparing for ascent of Mt. Shasta, transitioning to long base building next week via hikes with a backpack.

    I’m trying to figure out how Jiu Jitsu and Yoga should be tracked to not screw up the main focus on base building for a long snow slog.

    #1. Hard Jiu Jitsu sparring. I’m using a TSS of 30 for a half hour. As a comparison the 1/2 hour workout feels about the same as running 500 vertical without weight in 20 minutes. Most of the sparring is a few beats below AeT, but sometimes achieve max heart rate for short periods of time.

    #2. 75 minutes of hatha, easy, yoga. I’m setting a TSS of 20 but that seems way too high.

    Any suggestions will help. If it helps I’m 54 years old and my current CTL is 29.

    Many thank yous!

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    Anonymous on #8833


    The Jiu Jitsu sparring is probably pretty high intensity. You might consider wearing a HR monitor for a session but I think 60-80/hr is not unreasonable.

    For easy Hatha Yoga 10-15/hr is probably fine.


    amet1984 on #8837

    Thank you for your response.

    I’m very new to this approach to training.

    It’s becoming clear that at increasing CTL’s the training load needs to increase substantially. It looks like getting comfortable, and fluent, with ATL on paper vs. the body itself is the most critical thing to learn.

    Although I’m highly analytical, the training regimen will soon be over my head. I will likely need to consult your group to help planning for my goals.

    Thanks again.

    Chris R on #9563

    Fwiw I’ve worn a heart rate monitor (shoulder strap) for Muay Thai and an hour of intense training and sparring is normally around TSS 80 for me. I usually follow it with a lighter day (45 min Z2 run or 2×20 min ARC session).

    amet1984 on #9699

    Thanks for the post. As it turns out I wore the HR monitor a few times during rolling and it can be relatively intense, 80 TSS per hour like your Muay Thai.

    JJ is something I’m committed to. Adding long hikes with a back pack to get ready for ‘easy’ mountaineering objectives definitely improved my cardio fitness. Training Peaks confirms increasing fitness and is an interesting addition to the training regimen.

    How I wish I would have done Muay Thai in the 1980’s. But as an old man it would be way too brutal.

    Best to you!

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