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    Hi all,

    I’m going to start the via Valais 16 weeks plan in a couple weeks and I had some questions regarding cross training as it is not included in the plan.
    The race I am planning to do is the UT4M challenge which is a 4-stage 100 miler with 42k of vert.
    I live in the mountains way up from my work and have at least one pass to cross during my commuting which I do on a bike. In total on most weeks I do about 7-9 hrs of commuting accumulating between 12k and 15k of vert. How do I include that into my plan ? I was thinking of taking out one of the middle week Z1 runs as well as all the recovery runs, would that be ok?

    I had two other quick questions regarding the plan :
    – once the ME strength sessions are done I am supposed to do some Z3 intervals. In the books I remember that this was supposed to be a weighted sessions but the plan doesn’t mention it. Should I do it weighted or not?
    – the ME progression is only 2 exercises (box step ups and split jump squat as opposed to the usual 4 exercises, again who should I listen to -the training plan or the ME pdf?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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