Improve AeT with 1 hour extra Zone 2 running every day.

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    Hi guys,

    Excuse in case this is too simplistic (not a shortcut) but I have a simple question.

    I’m doing the 24 week mountaineering plan and want to improve my AeT.

    If I run for 1 hour in Zone 2 on the treadmill every morning except Sunday (day off as per the plan) shouldn’t that be a great way to improve my AeT? I will keep doing the daily 24 week plan also, 6 days a week and rest day Sunday.

    I was just thinking this could be a great way to improve AeT with 6 hours extra Zone 2 running per week.

    Have I gone barking mad or am I on the right track so to speak?

    Thank you guys.


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    OwenFW on #54316

    Depends on your fitness. For most people properly scaling the training plan (ie making it hard), this would interfere with your recovery each day, reducing your results and increasing the risk of injury and overtraining. More rest and recovery is usually better than more volume for most people on demanding training plans. But obviously I don’t know you or your history.

    philc180 on #54319

    Thanks for the reply Owen.

    You make an interesting point and one that I was worried about from the get go.

    “Depends on your fitness” – I would say I’m not a pro athlete nor am a slouch.

    I have ADS at this stage still, after starting the 24 week training plan on January 10th and had a knee injury (still not perfect but probably will never be) for 4 weeks. So approximately 5 months of the training plan done. It’s hard but I think I’m doing it correctly.

    Possibly opening a can of worms here but you bring me onto my next point that again, depends on my fitness.

    I’m in the max strength period, I do 16 inch box step ups with 35kg backpack + 10kg weight vest + 2 X 2kg ankle weights + mountain boots. It’s hard but I do 6 box steps on each leg, then 6 push ups with 10kg weight vest + ankle weights + boots. Then 4 each leg step downs with vest + ankles and 4 pull ups with said vest + ankles again. My step downs are poor and not 30cm (they’re 26cm), and worst are my pull ups (I find the extra 15kg hard) but I do complete them all. It’s hard for sure.

    I did a half marathon trail running 2 weekends ago with, 21.2km with 841m elevation gain in 3 hours 30 minutes, super slow I know but did it in Zone 2 as much as possible.

    I run at 8kmh on the treadmill as faster is Zone 3 and a no no (still have ADS, my AeT is 135 and AnT is 160).

    I seem to run faster outside at 6 – 7.5 minutes per km in Zone 2 so 10km in 1 – 1 hour 10 mins maximum, still super slow yes but I do it.

    I did the STEEP uphill hike yesterday again, 270m steep hill, 1.34km long so short but steep enough I think (20%?): 27′ < AeT easy warm up, 24′ @ AeT + 15bpm at 150bpm (AeT is 135bpm), 29′ easy < AeT. 8 mins run down, 8 mins run down, 12 mins run + walk down.

    So I guess, in my opinion and I stress the word guess, I’m middle of the road with fitness (or unfit as the case may be).

    I don’t really know how to tell otherwise. Not sure how accurate TSS is or any other metrics to be honest.

    Again I guess, I could try the running 1 hour per day starting next Monday and see how I’m feeling?

    What metrics so you recommend I should watch out for?

    I have the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar, Garmin HRM Pro HR strap monitor and obviously Garmin Connect app.

    Apologies for the long-windedness but possibly your or anyone else’s expertise may put my and at ease with your experiences dealing with past experiences and / or pro athletes / training programs.

    I thank you once again.


    Anonymous on #54327

    As Owen said, it depends.

    In your original question, do you mean six additional hours over and above what is prescribed? (If so, remind me what the weekly load is in that plan (on average.))

    philc180 on #54355

    Thanks for the reply Scott.

    Rough average of 8 hours per week.

    Yes I mean 6 extra hours on top of the already prescribed 24 week plan.

    So average (8 hours for the 24 week plan) + (6 X 1 hour sub AeT runs) to improve AeT at a faster rate than just following the plan = approximately 14 hours per week for 24 weeks = 672 hours per year as I plan on doing the plan twice before Aconcagua in 2022.

    Too much?

    If the answer is again depends on my fitness, what would you recommend to track it? Personally I’ve seen big improvements all round since starting the plan so it is working.


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    Anonymous on #54386

    What has your training volume been over the last year and several years?

    In general, jumping from a history of 8h per week to 14 hours per week is way too much. It’ll end very badly.

    Look at the volume changes in the plan and see what a more sustainable ramp rate is.

    philc180 on #54397

    Weekend warrior hiking with a few extras thrown in during the week but not real training, just various sports for fun with friends (soccer, spikeball, swimming etc.)

    Before that, weekend warrior as best as I could but was slack as I was working all over the world and travelling on weekends also.

    Before that I was playing soccer twice or 3 times a week and hiking at the weekends.

    I hear you and your comment makes sense. I will continue the training plan as prescribed and hopefully see AeT improve as time passes.

    I may try 2 hours a week as a test and alternate the weeks and see how I’m feeling.

    Thanks for the reply Scott.

    TerryLui on #54482

    I may try 2 hours a week as a test and alternate the weeks and see how I’m feeling.

    A good “red flag” to watch out for is when you begin to get the feeling that you’re not looking forward to a workout…that’s your body telling you (subtly) that it’s not recovered sufficiently.

    philc180 on #54488

    Thanks for the reply Terry.

    I agree 100%. I had it last week during the Mountaineering Max Strength week 5 workout.

    I was fatigued before starting and stopped after the 1st warm up set as I know my body, poor form was taking over on the exercises and it just didn’t feel ‘right’. It rarely happens but hasn’t been the first time either which is OK and I noticed it, these things happen.

    Here is a snippet of my before workout note:

    “I feel too fatigued due to poor sleep and busy at work.”

    Here is my after workout note, the next day, after a good sleep:

    “Did the training today, 4 warm ups, 6 sets X 2 couplets. Feeling stronger and much better after a good night’s sleep last night finally.”

    So I’m following the advice in the book, listen to your body as it will tell you when enough is enough, basically.

    Good advice from you, it’s appreciated.


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