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    For years one of my primary aerobic activities has been pick-up ice hockey (full speed, no check). I am wondering if anyone has a comment about how this fits within the lower distance hike/walk/treadmill days as part of the 16 week training program. When I am here at home base #1 I usually do this 4 times a week. In home base #2 once. I have generally been doing this and the full training list.

    We had an outdoor session yesterday and I turned tracking on for the 1-1/2 hour which is attached. Obviously it is interval training by nature.

    Have several higher altitude hikes planned for this year thus the selection of training regimen.


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    Frank.Trotter on #16262

    The attachment, which was less than 512K failed so here is a smaller version.

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    Anonymous on #16271

    The demands of ice hockey are quite different than for long hikes or mountaineering. Hockey is an intermittent high intensity event versus the plans you have for your high altitude hikes. They have very different metabolic demands and thus need different training. Speed, agility and power are the event specific training that you need to do for hockey. The event specific training for these hikes you mention is long, low to moderate intensity foot born activities like running or hiking. Your hockey event specific training will benefit from developing a better aerobic base of support. This will allow you to recover faster between the hard bits in your training and games. However, the opposite is not true. Event specific hockey training/games will not benefit the development of the aerobic base. If you can manage to play hockey and do the aerobic base training at the same time that’ll be great. By manage I mean handle and recover between workouts.

    If your aerobic base is already high then this would be possible and mirrors the training method of conventional endurance sports.


    Frank.Trotter on #16287

    Got it, thanks.

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