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    keith brown

    Yesterday I did a 60 min Z1 recovery walk run. the workout did not sync automatically. Initially, the workout displayed in TP showed a TSS of 8. After I merged the training with the programmed workout the TSS showed 47. ?

    This may have been covered previously – trying to understand why it would change.

    Thanks in advance.

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    MarkPostle on #67387

    Did it change from rTSS to hrTSS potentially??

    keith brown on #67398

    I thought about but I’m unable to figure out if it did change.

    You may have already discussed in a previous post, and I can look up on TP, but what’s the basic difference?

    Mariner_9 on #67404

    If you look at the workout (click on the workout on the Calendar page), TP should show whether it’s measuring rTSS (based on your running pace) or hrTSS (based on your HR). You should also be able to switch between the two via a dropdown next to the TSS measurement.

    keith brown on #67431

    I remember a thread somewhere about setting default for workouts to hrTSS. Thanks

    MarkPostle on #67437

    Keith, I took a look at that work out quickly and it was indeed originally an rTSS of 8 then converted to hrTSS. rTSS is a method of tackling TSS the training peaks will sometimes use which is based on the pace that you’re moving and it’s perception of how hard that might be for you. If you’re walking in zone one or using hilly terrain this method can be wildly inaccurate. It’s mostly meant for runners doing workouts on a track or similar in fairly controlled circumstances that have their various paces dialed in in the training peaks settings. Mountaineers it’s not generally super useful for us so we change everything to hrTSS. This allows for a slightly more apples to apples comparison between different kinds of workouts in varying terrain.

    Jean-Marc Dardier on #67626

    Hi Mark, was travelling so skipped a few sessions but did my weighted muscular endurance session today with a 50lb pack and it spat out a measly 69hrTSS instead of the prescribed 130. Does this need to be compensated manually for the load bearing and if so, what is the rule for doing so? Thanks

    MarkPostle on #67633

    Jean-Marc, We are going to touch on that in the upcoming Zoom. I don’t use hrTSS for the ME pack carries usually. It depends a bit if its outdoors vs inside and if you carry the weight down as well but I manually use an estimated score from 100 to 200 depending how the athletes feels the next day and how they recover. My standard is 150.

    Jean-Marc Dardier on #67643

    Thanks Mark

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