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    Hi all. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau when skinning. I mostly skin in the winter and hike and trail run in the summer months. I don’t seem able to go fast enough to raise my HR above about 100 sometimes it gets into the 120s. I only recently started incorporating any kind of strength training into my training. So I think my aerobic capacity is there but my muscles don’t have enough strength reserve to push harder. Also it seems like my respiratory rate might be a limiting factor cause I’ll be getting out of breath at 100-120 bpm HR. I don’t do much in the way of flat runs or anything either, I need to include those more also.

    Maybe I’ve answered my own questions already, but just wanted to see what people have to say out there.



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    Anonymous on #39402

    What heart rates are your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds?

    brandon.eric.berg on #39440

    AeT 160 AeT 175. I have a feeling I could do with some more strength training to allow for a reduced usage of muscle capacity.


    Dada on #39441

    Are you using a handwrist monitor?

    brandon.eric.berg on #39456

    Yeah a Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I’ve got the chest strap HR monitor. Maybe I should be using that at some point too. They are a little more accurate if I’m not mistaken.

    Anonymous on #39468

    In reality, wrist-based monitors are junk and chest straps are accurate enough for proper training.

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