HR/RPE Question – Sign of too little rest?

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    Hi UA Folks,

    I know I read this somewhere in this forum but can’t find the post. I think the answer was from Scott Johnston but really not sure and it’s in my head for a long time now.

    Do i remember this right:
    – If my HR not rising but the effort feels “hard” than usually (in this HR zone), or i even try to push a bit. It’s a sign that i probably need to back off and get some rest.
    – second example was something like: If the RPE feels easy but HR climbs higher than normal on this e.g. pace. This is a sign that i may not be fully recovered from a workout the day before but it’s not a “bad” sign in itself.

    Hopefully you get what i mean, otherwise i try to make a better example.

    thanks in advance — mirko

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    Dada on #42432

    There is an ongoing discussion atm: Irregularity in HR after workouts

    I thought the same but it sounds, I’m not right there.


    Anonymous on #42453

    Yes, I think that’s correct. Both could be a sign of under-recovery, the former being more serious.

    As I understand it, when overreaching becomes overtraining, HR response can be blunter. From what I’ve read, this can be because the parasympathetic nervous system is over-active and keeping heart rate suppressed.

    Anonymous on #42454

    The latter could be heat and/or humidity as well.

    nullkru on #42467

    Hi Dada and Scott,

    thank you for the answer and confirmation. Now i can sleep well again 🙂

    have a nice sunday! — mirko

    Jan on #42567

    Hi Mirko,

    maybe you mean this thread: Heart Rate Trust Issues

    “Having a higher than normal HR with a lower than normal perceived exertion is a good sign. It means you were well rested and ready to train. The opposite (low HR and high PE) is an indication you are carrying significant fatigue.”

    nullkru on #42572

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you soo much it’s exactly the thread I have searched for so long!

    now i can sleep even better :)!
    Have a great day — mirko

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