HR Drift Test and hydration

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    Quick question about the HR Drift Test. I’ve read that heat and dehydration can also increase drift, so is it okay to drink water during the test or will that invalidate the results?

    Brief background: AeT of 138 and AnT of 160 and I’ve been training exclusively in Z2 for the past year (5-8 hours per week) with no improvement in my AeT. Every time I conduct the drift test on a treadmill with 15% incline with a HR higher than 138 to start, things go fine for the first 45-50 minutes of the test and then my HR jumps 10-12 bpm for the last 10-15 minutes of the test which skews the second half average HR higher so my spread is always >5% (usually in the 7-9% range). I’m theorizing that dehydration at the very end of the test may be driving the HR up, but haven’t tested this theory yet.

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